Our Treatment Philosophy

Know and Understand Each Patient

Ickert Dental Implant Centre Treatment Philosophy:

  1. Get to know and understand each patient individually and their specific concerns.
  2. Perform a Comprehensive Risk Assessment.
  3. Establish an Accurate Risk-based Diagnosis (“there can be only one correct diagnosis, but many different treatment options”).
  4. Prepare a Customized Treatment Plan – specifically individualized:
    • Based on a system, which incorporates the most current, credible scientific information.
    • Combining it with clinical experience and judgement.
    • With the ultimate goal of satisfying each patient’s unique and specific concerns.
  5. Developing a treatment strategy which minimizes the risk and enhances the predictability of the long term outcome, biologically, structurally, functionally, and esthetically.

We Understand:

We understand the emotional, financial and practical aspects related to comprehensive dental treatment. Our objective is to help each patient feel safe and supported throughout the treatment as well as the maintenance period. We are guided by the principles of biology and nature, which cannot be hurried or fooled. Thus, some treatment plans may take several months to complete. At no time, during this treatment will the patient ever be without teeth and all measures will be taken to make this transition phase as tolerable as possible. The goal is to make the final outcome totally worth it.

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