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Dental Hygiene Services

The Ickert Dental Implant Centre’s Registered Dental Hygienist, Margot Leupold, is responsible for evaluation oral health, educating on homecare techniques, and providing treatment to ensure dental implant health and longevity. We are dedicated to developing a personalized dental hygiene maintenance plan for each patient. This includes determining which specific homecare techniques are suitable based on each patient’s unique situation. It is also important to note that we communicate directly with each patient to coordinate and provide professional oral health services at appropriate intervals, based on their specific needs to prevent and control bacterial infection. We are committed to providing a synergistic team approach that allows for our hygienist to be involved in the pre-treatment phase, by providing periodontal therapy to prepare the client for their dental implant treatment.

Dental hygiene maintenance visit usually include evaluation of the dental implant and the tissues around the implant, evaluation of any prostheses, and safe instrumentation to remove hard and soft deposits. Maintenance also involves reinforcement of home-care oral health techniques and suggestions for modifications to maximize bacterial control between maintenance visits, and, when indicated, acquiring radiographs to verify bone height.

Dr. Sutton and Dr. Joslin have a dedicated hygiene program to make sure that your results are lasting. We are committed to providing each and every patient with the very best in modern and advanced dentistry.

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